Understand Multi-Layer Engineered Flooring

Understand Multi-Layer Engineered Flooring

When you’re making decisions about a new wood floor, there are lots of things you’ll need to think about. Such as the grade of wood, species, solid or engineered wood… All of these questions will need your attention at some point. And in this article, I want to help you understand the Multi-Layer Engineered flooring better.


Multi-layer engineered flooring is made by the staggered arrangement of multi-layer boards as the substrate, choosing high-quality precious wood as the panel, and then made by high temperature and pressure in the hot press after coating resin glue.



1. Stability: Due to the unique structure of the longitudinal and horizontal arrangement of multi-layer solid wood flooring, it makes it very good stability. Do not worry too much about the floor moisture deformation, is also the best floor to install floor heating system.

2. Affordable: Not like solid wood flooring, multi-layer engineered flooring can make full use of wood materials, so the price is much cheaper than solid wood flooring.

3. Easy to take care of: The top layer has good performance on wear resistance. It looks fine even there is no waxed in the first 3 years.

4. Cost-effective: All materials used in multi-layer engineered flooring are wood, so the foot feels the same as solid wood flooring. Compared to the price of solid wood flooring, it is more cost and value-conscious.

5. Easy Installation: Just keep the surface clean, dry and level will be OK, which is simple and fast than solid wood flooring. Generally speaking, 100 square meters a day.



1. Not eco-friendly enough. Its special structural characteristics make it inevitable to use a lot of glue in the production process. The more layers it has, the more glue will be used.

2. Quality varies: Due to the complex structure of multi-layer engineered flooring, so the quality varies greatly.

Post time: Jan-06-2023