Waterproof Laminate vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring and SPC flooring

Waterproof Laminate vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring and SPC flooring

In first months of 2021, it seems that the waterproof laminate floor become popular again, thanks for the raw materials costs raising of SPC and luxury vinyl flooring.


In fact, years before, many factories already has the technology for making waterproof laminate. One reason that manufacturers have not put more effort into developing broad lines of waterproof laminate is that luxury vinyl flooring and SPC click flooring, available in planks (LVP) or tiles (LVT) has largely taken over the market for a truly waterproof floor that has easy click-lock installation. Luxury vinyl flooring is made from synthetic materials through-and-through,while SPC flooring is made from limestone powder and resin, there is no wood-based fiberboard core that can swell or develop mold. While luxury vinyl is more expensive than standard laminate flooring, while SPC click flooring is more affordable with truly waterproof features.


To its credit, waterproof laminate has a harder surface layer than luxury vinyl, and it is more resistant to scratching. And traditionally, laminate flooring is more realistic at mimicking wood grains. However, luxury vinyl and SPC floor is getting better all the time, to the point that many people can no longer see the difference.


Post time: Apr-04-2023