Elegant Yellow Marble Style Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Elegant Yellow Marble Style Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring Tiles



Thickness: 4.0mm~8.0mm

Wear Layer: 0.2mm~0.7mm

Underlay(Optional):EVA/ IXPE, 1.0mm~2.0mm

Size:12” X 24”/ 18” X 18”/ 24” X 24”, Customization


Rigid core vinyl plank flooring vividly called soft ceramic tiles, which are more anti-slip when its surface is wet. The surface of rigid core vinyl flooring can be made with several deep embossed pressure, such as crystal pattern, coral pattern, hand-grasp pattern, and so on, which forming a concave and convex anti-skid effect. According to the experimental testing, the anti-skid of TopJoy rigid core vinyl flooring can reach R10 grade, which shows excellent anti-skid performance.

Product Detail


Rigid core vinyl flooring (SPC flooring)’s advantage VS ceramic tiles in installation:

Rigid vinyl flooring can be installed easier than the ceramic tiles.

Because of there is no need to prepare a construction works, for examples, paving the mortar substrate on the ground, putting the tiles on the mortar, hitting firm with rubber hammer, making sure the tiles are at the same horizontal line compared with the first one. So the cost is high for doing construction work for tiles, and it takes you more time to pave tiles. However, rigid core vinyl flooring can be fast installed and without any cement mortar. You just need to make sure that the highest and lowest D-value within 2mm, then you can pave the SPC flooring directly. If the ground condition is not so good, you need to repave its cement self-flow level.  After finishing the rigid core vinyl flooring paving, the flooring can be used just 24 hours later.



Surface Texture

Wood Texture

Overall Thickness




Wear Layer

0.3mm. (12 Mil.)


12” (305mm.)


24” (610mm.)


UV Coating




Commercial & Residential

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