Great Tips For Purchasing Vinyl Flooring

Great Tips For Purchasing Vinyl Flooring

Due to the continuous development of flooring industry, there are too many PVC flooring brands in the market, making clients dazzling. What vinyl flooring suits for your house,
office,  garage or other place? Which one is the most suitable for you?

There are some tips on how to purchase Vinyl Flooring:

1. Thickness, from 0.35mm to 8.0mm.
The thickness depends on different place. If you want to use the flooring in your own house, and you always renovate the flooring, you could choose the thickness below 3.0 mm.
If PVC flooring is used in the office, mall or other public area, the thickness should be 3.0mm to 8.0mm.

2. Smell
High quality Vinyl Flooring hardly has any pungent smell. Low quality usually have some smell.

3. Backing of flooring
Usually formal vinyl flooring’s backing is dark gray, not glossy. The backing of vinyl flooring made from  recycled is always glossy.

4. Fire rating
Always the flammability is Bf1, not flammable.

5. Shape
There are vinyl flooring tile, vinyl flooring sheet, vinyl flooring plank. You could choose different shapes according to your favorite. Generally speaking, the vinyl roll is more easy
to install than the other two. By the way, there is click vinyl plank, and no need of glue when installation. What’s more you could DIY your house.


Hope it is useful for you!

Post time: Sep-16-2015