Maintenance Ways for Indoor PVC Flooring

Maintenance Ways for Indoor PVC Flooring

1) Keep ventilating and drying
In a closed environment, there will be hemming、embossing phenomenons. So the venues with PVC sports floor should be checked and ventilated regularly.

2) Close the window on rainy days
The venue’s doors and Windows should be immediately closed on rainy days, in order to prevent water into the interior. When the weather clears, all the doors and windows should be opened to speed up the evaporation of water vapor.

3) Exhaust of moisture
Hot humid weather, floor, then to be open air conditioning arch of the platoon is wet function, make indoorhumidity down, avoid bulging phenomena. When you go out, you should pull the curtain to avoid direct sunlight to floor.

4) Repairing timely
Repairing the damaged floor in time to avoid worse problems.

5) Regular cleaning
In order to better protect the PVC floor you should use soft broom or cleaning cloth to clean dust in daily life. For general grease dirt, professional detergent is very effective.


Post time: Dec-05-2012