TOPJOY Marble Pattern Design SPC Flooring

TOPJOY Marble Pattern Design SPC Flooring

TOPJOY SPC flooring is designed with green environmental protection and returning to nature as its design concept. The purpose of the design is to balance sensory and psychologically and improve our internal connection with the natural world, pursue healthy living, and create visual interaction in the design, which can ease Stress, relieve mental fatigue, improve mood and improve health index.

We use natural objects such as colors, materials, patterns and other elements to design environmentally friendly floors that are closely related to nature, and create different space environments according to the needs of different fields and occasions.



Check out our stone-plastic click SPC vinyl flooring collections with a variety of tile, stone, slate looks-and a soft, warm feel underfoot. Good dimensional stability, won’t deform under the influence of temperature or humidity.

Its characteristics are: extremely stable, high performance, completely waterproof, high-density rigid core, slip-resistant and indentation resistant. Vinyl click flooring can be easily installed on different types of ground base, concrete, ceramic or existing flooring. This is a formaldehyde-free, completely safe floor covering material for the residential and public environment. So it is very great to use in anywhere indoor, like hotel, restaurant, living room and etc.


Post time: Feb-21-2024