Why vinyl tile is more and more popular than carpet?

Why vinyl tile is more and more popular than carpet?

Carpet vinyl flooring, it is carpet or vinyl flooring?
The truth is that vinyl floor with carpet pattern. In other words, the printed layer is carpet drawing.

As is known to all, the feelings of carpet is unmatched, but the price is expensive, maintenance is trouble. So manufacturers, use the best quality raw material–vinyl, to do vinyl carpet tile. It is is mainly designed for adding an exquisite look to the floors and makes desired location eye-catching. It is not only ornament but also useful which is high-durable and wear resistant.  Normal size is 12″*12″, 18″*18″, 24″*24″, 12”*24”.

TOP-JOY carpet vinyl tiles offer various designs, sizes and patterns as per requirements of every client. It has various traditional & modern patterns and classic designs.
Owing to TOP-JOY Vinyl Carpet’s beautiful design, smooth texture and easy maintenance, Vinyl Carpet is widely used for floor installation in both, residential and commercial places. Attractive look makes the Vinyl Carpet look more elegant, luxurious and classy.



Post time: Apr-07-2015