Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Most waterproof laminate is sold as floating flooring. These planks click together like puzzle pieces and make a seamless surface. That way, water cannot easily penetrate between planks.


The best waterproof laminate flooring is protected on all sides with specialty sealants. Water-resistant floors, on the other hand, only have surface-level protection, so it isn’t fully waterproof. Water can just get below the plank and soak in from there! 


Waterproof laminate can stand in for hardwood in most wood floor designs, like herringbone or mixed-width patterns. That means you’re not limited to just basic patterns.

Most laminate brands only waterproof their high-end products. It’s rare to find a waterproof laminate product with an AC rating lower than 4.


So what does this mean? Virtually all waterproof laminate flooring is considered dent and scratch resistant. Its durability, water resistance, and overall high quality make it perfect for applications like mudroom flooring. Since waterproof laminate is so hardy, you can put it just about anywhere inside your home. 

Post time: Feb-11-2022