Attitude to the Customized Design of PVC Flooring

Attitude to the Customized Design of PVC Flooring

More and more clients have preference on their typical grain (color) which stands out their characteristic on PVC flooring while many factory just have regular grains resulting in unsatisfying customers’ needs. How to solve this problem?

Teamwork plays an important role in solving this awkward situation.

Take one of my clients as an example. The following is the response to me.

“I understand you need to make a custom mold for this flooring. No one wants to do it because it is unique and no one else would buy it.How much would it cost to develop the mold and would you consider doing it for me if I paid for it first”

About the design of color, it was too complicated to complete. I do not know how to handle this situation.

Suddenly teamwork come into mind.

Our factory have sales department, designing branch, technician section, etc. Why do not I call these departments to cooperate with me. The following is the effort to make to satisfying my client’s need.

Sales department: we got more and more information from client to make customer’s design clear to be understood by other departments

Designing branch: they designed the logo according to the information I provided. They put all details in to consideration to make a logo catering to my client.

Technician section: they went to factory . They measured the PVC flooring dimension, grave the logo and use the machine to make PVC flooring with logo specially.

In conclusion, We designed the same logo as clients’ and the customer is very satisfied with our PVC flooring with his logo.

Excellence in his email is the best gift he gave us.

Post time: Aug-28-2015